display issue with answer and I can't enter my response

I updated Anki and now my cards that are created with the mode -enter the answer- are not even displayed anymore. That is, I cannot enter my answer and when I want to see the correction nothing is displayed.
Do you know how to solve this problem?

If you click the Cards button in the editor, do you see something like {{type:Back}} in both the front and back templates? Can you post a screenshot?

Yes I do. But what is really weird is the fact that it is working with some cards but not all cards.

Try replacing the front template with this:

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I did but it’s no working … I’m desperate :rofl::sob:

Confusingly, the type box doesn’t appear in the preview screen at all. Can you try if it appears when reviewing normally?

It is precisely the problem rine does not appear at all while I am supposed to grasp the answer.

nothing change :smiling_face_with_tear:

Can export a card that has the problem and share it somewhere like https://gofile.io?

Are you sure you replaced the front template, and not the back template?

sure !!!

what is it ?

Please show us some screenshots of the changes you’ve made.

I already send what I’ve changed upstairs but I didn’t make more …
I don’t know what to do.

You only posted a screenshot of the changes you made to the Back template (Modèle du verso). Please also post a screenshot of the Front template (Modèle du recto)

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and I already close Anki and download it again but nothing change

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