Reset to default? not working?

I did make some changes to the flashcards I imported from a course, as all buttons just show 1d and has both advanced kit and starter kit enabled, where I’d just wish begin with starter kit for the course (tagalog) I’m studying.
Problem is this Default preset under options, I think I overwritten the default when saved? However, I do notice the button on the side of those values which are changed, the “Restore this setting to its default value.” and I done so in all the fields.

However when I try it now, it just still shows alternative and times on the buttons:
Again = < 10m
Hard 2d
Good 7.2mo
Easy 1.5y

I don’t know how it can be this when have all default values?

Thanks in advance

And I don’t know why but upon importing, it says no card is new, all is to review. I able make them all have 1 day, which was when importing, but it always say 1 day despite which option I choose, which doesn’t make sense to me when I know a card/word and push easy, i’d indeed want it be like 4 days forward at least, but the settings to me doesn’t make sense really.

Try using the Cards > Forget browser option to reset the cards. Deck options are not retroactive, so most changes won’t apply to cards already in the review stage.

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