Deck options/Presets not working

Hey all,

*Edited cause I’m stoopid :slight_smile:

I initially wrote a big text here about how my deck settings weren’t working and all the things I tried, but I found the problem.

I would use a custom session so that I could test the order of the new cards (card sort order: card type, so I could see all front-> back before back-> front), as i had many learning cards, and then it wouldn’t use the order of the deck options (which I guess is how it is supposed to be?). So every time I would change my deck options, start a custom study, check the order of the cards (that didn’t change), thus it wouldn’t use my deck options…

This is a bit inconvenient though, as sometimes I have quite some learning cards and I want to do my new cards first using the card type sort order (aka first all front->back cards, then all back->front cards), but this is not possible (I believe) as the custom session does not use the deck options. And if I’m correct the option (New/review order: Show before reviews) only places new cards before review cards and not before learning cards, so you would always have to do those first. Is there a different way to do all new cards first, retaining the deck settings, before all learning cards and review cards? If so, that would be really great! Please tell me! If not, could this maybe be added :flushed:?

Thx in advance!

Intraday learning cards will be shown first if they are due, as they are the most likely to be forgotten if delayed. The assumption is that you’ll finish them on the same day, so there are none waiting when you go to study the next day.

That makes sense! Too bad I often don’t finish them in a day :sweat_smile: But that’s on me! Thx for your reply ^^

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