Reset my study schedule, not some long intervals

Currently using Anki V2. Taking multiple topic (as such multiple decks) exam which I took years ago. Since I didn’t want the studying intervals of the prior usage to affect my ability to start studying from scratch, I did a complete reset. I decided to alter/modify SOME cards and create some sub-decks before I started studying again, I only now attempted to actually study one of the decks. However, it consistently shows the cards in the same order, and the intervals for certain cards are all crazy (the two harder ones are 1 and 10 minutes, meanwhile the good and easy ones are in YEARS). How do I fix everything so that the cards are in a random order, and the intervals all “begin” at the same amount of time for all the cards?

You can select all cards > forget
You can also reposition them randomly.

how do i do that

Browser > select cards > forget
Browser > select cards > reposition

where do i reposition them? ideally, i’d like the ones i’ve changed or moved to appear first. also, only certain ones have the radical interval thing (mostly the ones I’ve worked)

Also, what about when I modify more cards later?

For why it’s happening:

You can sort cards by the due date in the browse screen, select the ones you’d like to reset, then use the Forget option.

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I would suggest reading the Anki manual. @cqg and @dae already provided some links to specific sections, but since you seem to have a lot of question, that all of them could be answered by reading the manual, and that you seem to be in a hurry, the best solution would simply to go and read the doc. In particular (including links already given in this thread), here are some resources that may help you:

I tried giving you the most relevant links, but really, the manual is well indexed and quite complete, so you should definitively take a look.