Reposition and randomize order and 1!

I have been playing with reposition, randomize order and 1! as well as 2!

Some of my cards now show hard as 2, normal as 4 and easy as 6, etcetera. I suspect that the 2! is what did that but I am not sure. Can I make them advance, once again, as hard 2, normal 3, and easy 4, etcetera?

Also, once cards are in the rotation of cards, with a date and all, can I randomize them so they don’t appear in the same order that I created them? How would I do that?

Many thanks!

You appear to have used 2! three days ago, so they are overdue by a day, and thus getting larger intervals. Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions

Anki automatically randomizes reviews. By default the oldest-due cards are shown first, in a random order.

Thanks. Is there a way to change the intervals back to 1 without having to restart the count all over?

Set the due date to ‘0’.

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Excellent, many thanks, Damien.