Safest way to reset anki?

How can I reset Anki the safest way? I am having issues with the intervals on my cards and so I think I should:

export all my cards right now (without schedule information)?
reinstall anki
import my cards

and see if that fixes my issue?

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Would you mind describing the issues that you are having? We may be able to help with more information?

If you really want to reset all your intervals and start again, just:

  1. go into the Browse window
  2. select the deck concerned (left pane)
  3. select all the cards in that deck in the top right pane (they should be presented a list of rows)
  4. under the Cards menu, choose Forget.

@ calebringabell

  • Launch your browser.
  • Sort by Interval. The topmost cards might have values such as (learning) or (new)
  • Click Edit > Select All (to show full screen without the card at the foot)
  • Scroll down so that the card with the smallest interval is now the topmost visible row.
  • Take a screenshot of only the following columns: Due, Interval, Ease.
  • Post the screenshot here.

And as @matta suggests, please state what the issues are.


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