Remove Cloze Cards per Note Limit

It appears that there is a limitation on the maximum number of cloze deletions possible for a single note (500). Can this limit be removed or made modifiable in the next Anki release?

Curious about why you need such a huge number of clozes in a single note :slight_smile:

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Basically I have some clozes that are lists of information for certain classes. It’s easiest for me to lay out a single note for a topic and fill up the page with bulleted lists with the main ideas. I like having all the notes in one place, since it’s less hassle for modifying/editing and it’s easy to keep together. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a note with 500 clozes on it, but I don’t want to have to make another page of clozes.

I’d really love to have this limitation in my control. Even though the majority of people recommended and prefer multiple separated notes, I’ve found that this works for me and I’d like to continue with this. And that way, we both can make our notes as big as we like :slight_smile:

Yes, but how many really have 500 clozes on cards, maybe you are the only one…