Recovering media after failing to sync to a new computer

Hi! My media collection was working beautifully before I had to switch computers. I must not have finished syncing before wiping the previous computer, and when I log into Anki or Anki web now, I am not able to see the media previously associated with my decks.

I tried switching profiles and manually adding the media into the decks, but that does not seem to have worked. Any ideas?

To be clear, before yesterday, I had synced Anki relatively recently with all media. I just failed to do so before switching to this computer.

Edit: after getting desperate and re-downloading decks to recover some media, I have some images, but I am not able to sync; it gives me this error.

That message indicates network trouble, such as temporary problems with your network provider, or filtering software like VPN/proxy/antivirus programs running on your machine or network.

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