Rated:1 does not seem to find cards that were rated today if they were reviewed in a custom study session and have been returned to their original deck

I’m not 100% sure but it seems that if I review a card in a custom study session and then return it to its original deck by deleting the custom study session, that card will not show up when I do a rated:1 search on the original deck.

Is there any other way to bring up a list of the cards that were reviewed in the custom study session (after it has been deleted)?

If not, what happens if I move the reviewed cards to another deck before deleting the custom study session - will they stay where I have put them, or will they be moved back to the original deck?

If the filtered deck has rescheduling disabled (eg with the “preview” option in custom study), it does not modify the cards or add to their review history.

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