Question on how to prevent from decks being deleted

Hello! I love Anki and have been using it for some time now. I recently got an email stating that since I have been inactive on my Anki account for 6 months, Anki was going to delete data from my account. As soon as I got this email, I went straight into my account, made a note card on the mobile version, and synchronized it with my desktop version. Now that I have done that, this will prevent my data from being lost, correct? If so, is my data safe for another 6 months? If it is not safe, what can I do to prevent from data being lost?

Thank you all so much!

I’ll link to the relevant website:


Hey Gustaf! Thanks so much for getting back with me. I checked out the link you sent over. So if my data hasn’t been deleted yet and I’m still able to access it, how do I keep it from being deleted?

Each time you visit, or use the synchronisation feature in Anki, AnkiMobile or AnkiDroid, your account will automatically be marked as active.

So use it regularly and keep local backups of your internal storage.

Thank you so much! What is the best way you have found to store cards via local backups or internal storage?

Get an external hard drive and do a system backup at least weekly.

Ferophilia, thank you so much!

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