Put a new card in learning queue manually


Is there a way to put a new card in the learning queue? I understand there is a way to set a due date, however, I have a different learning steps for “new cards” and “lapses” and if I use “set due date” it uses the learning steps of “lapses” instead of “new cards”

Sometimes I add a new card and want to right away put it in the learning queue for the day.

Thank you!

set due date turns the card into a review card. If you fail such a card it doesn’t go through learning steps but relearning steps as you failed a review that was due for that day.

Sometimes would require you to use reposition. If you set a due number of 1 the card will appear first on the queue.

You can also change new card gather order to descending position. In this case, the recently added cards appear first i.e., cards with higher due number.

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“Reposition” – that sorata mentioned – will work with any non-random gather order, Deck Options - Anki Manual. You just have to put it at the end of the queue that comes first.

If you use a random gather order, another option would be to pull that card into a Filtered Deck with a search filter that will catch it (by tag, flag, Created, Modified, etc.). Once it’s been introduced and made it to Learn, you can return it to its home deck and keep studying it.

Try checking this add-on maybe: AJT Card Management

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I went with the flag approach. I couldn’t figure out the reposition thing.