Adding new cards mid-way through learning deck


Apologies, I imagine this question has been asked before, but I am quite new to Anki, so trying to google this has proved difficult.

I am mid-way through learning a deck, and decided that I needed to add some cards with diagrams to help me learn the topic.

The old cards are the red flagged cards on the screenshot. I would like to keep these cards. The new cards are the greyed out cards in the screenshot. I would like these to come up to learn ASAP, as they will help me to learn the red flagged cards.

As I understand it, because they (the grey cards) are new cards, so they will not come up until I have learned all other new cards before them. This will not be useful for my learning of the red flagged cards.

How do I make it so that the new (grey) cards are positioned to learn now?

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The Cards>Reposition menu item will let you change the new card order, or you can Reschedule them as review cards with a 0 day interval.

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awesome, thanks so much for your reply.