How can I add/insert a card between two already existing new cards?

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Just wanted to ask if it was possible for me to add a card while learning new ones (when I want to make a new card to add more info for example) and for that new card (the one I would insert) to be right after the card I was learning initially (so the card I was learning before wanting to make a new card).

Hope it’s not too confusing :,)

The problem is that when I want to add a card while learning a new deck that I created before, the new card gets placed at the very end of the deck and I’m not able to learn it right away, while being on a specific topic.

But basically is there a built in way, like an option or a way to sort, or even an add-on that could allow me to do that ?

Thanks in advance

In the browser you can change the Due number (the order the cards are shown) using Reposition (Browsing - Anki Manual). Find the number of the card you already have and change the new card number to the following number.

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