Customize card rankings

I create anki cards to remember my lessons and sometimes the order in which I create my cards does not match the order of my lessons, which can be a problem.
So I wanted to know if anki could have a free sorting, i.e. who would be sorted at the beginning according to the order of creation of the cards, then that this order could be modified by a simple drag and drop, “by hand”.
Example with the Memrise site:

placement libre

You can use the Reposition tool in the browser for that. There is no drag and drop, though.

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Also, after a new card is studied, it will follow the Anki scheduling algorithm based on the learning phase. You could control new card display with the Deck - Opions - Show new cards in order added. But this then of course depends if the order added in matches the course outline.

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Hi Pauline!

This addon provides buttons for reordering cards. I haven’t tested it though.

You can order your lessons using hierarchical tags and suspend new cards at first. Then, it’s quite easy to control which cards come next by unsuspending the cards of each lesson one after the other.
That’s how I prevent chaos in my workflow.

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Thank you for your answers.
I had tested hanging the cards, which was quite long in the end because using Latex, I had to have a preview of the card before I knew if it was time to learn it, and repositioning anki required me to write down the 7 digit number that appears in the expiry date column .
The addon proposed by kleinerpirat works very well but once again it’s quite long to mount a card above 100 other cards using the keyboard arrows! I will use this solution though, thanks to all of you for answering me so quickly.