How can I pick which specific new cards show up?

Before I had a separate deck named “Now” and moved the new cards I wanted to study there.

After studying, I would move them to my main deck.

With FSRS, I would like to study the new cards first in my main deck, rather than a separate deck. Is there a way to select 8 or so new cards, right click, then set them to be shown first when studying?

Is it “Set Due Date” or “Reposition?”

What’s the difference?

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As far as I understand it:

  • “Set Due Date” is used to set a due date, if used on a new/learning card all learning steps will be skipped. Can be used either on new, learn/relearn and review cards.

  • “Reposition” allows you to change the order in which new cards will appear (you also need to change New cards gather order either to Ascending or Descending position for this to have an effect). Can only be used on new cards.

Personally, I use this add-on: I’m not sure about FSRS compatibility, but I have not noticed any problem until now.


Okay, so I’ll give “Reposition” a go. Thanks!

Yeah that didn’t work

What didn’t work? What did you do with Reposition? What did you set your gather order to?

The thing I said I will give a try didn’t work.

I selected the cards I wanted to study first and repositioned them.

I set the gather order to the thing jcznk told me to.

What positions did you set them to?
Which gather order are you using (since jcznk suggested more than 1)?
What New cards did you see instead?

If you are manually selecting specific new cards that you want to study, why not just add a flag to those cards?

Then have a filtered deck that searches for new cards with that flag.

For instance, use the pink flag and then define your filtered deck with:
flag:5 is:new deck:MAIN_DECK_NAME
with a limit of 8 cards

Then Rebuild that deck whenever you want to study it.
Then study the main deck.


From time to time you’d need to do a bit of cleanup and unset the flag on cards you have already studied (which are no longer new).

So with the Browse window in Cards mode, you could search for
flag:5 -is:new
then select all the lines (with Edit / Select All or Ctrl+A), and then unset the flag.

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That’s way too much work. There should be a way to just select the cards I want to study now.

The new cards I selected were renumbered 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.

However, other cards measled there way into the review screen.

If you had other cards numbered 0,1,2,3 and you didn’t move them, they would still come up in their places in the queue.

When reordering the cards in the browser, I noticed multiple cards had the same queue number. How is this even a thing. Anki sometimes I swear

It’s “a thing” because it’s hightly useful!

The primary reason is so that sibling cards can be given the same New queue #. But there are plenty of other reasons why a user might want a set of cards from different notes to be introduced “together” and it allows for that too.

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Yeah, but it shouldn’t be the default.

Also, if one card is labeled 1, then the next 2, they are together. It doesn’t have to be 1, then 1 again.

If you don’t find it useful, you don’t have to use it. You should feel free to have every one of your New cards on a different queue number.

But why are you wasting your time arguing against functionality that is useful to others? People can want different things that what you want – it doesn’t harm you at all.

That would depend on gather and sort order.

It harms everyone by having it the default operation.

Having three things all labeled 1 in queue has no meaning.

I didn’t read the whole discussion. As always people write too long replies online. So sorry if I’m just repeating what somebody else already told you. The thing is reposition doesn’t work like that. I tried it before maybe last year or maybe the year before that. You have to select a single card, reposition it, move to the next one and continue.

Another thing that you can do is, if you can somehow manage them to come up first in the display order of card browser, you can search is:new -is:suspended, select all and reposition. You can maybe make up them come up first in the list by setting a particular field as sort field? Anyways, do let me know if you need help.

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I was able to select the 6 cards I wanted to study all at once and reposition them. I had to check some checkbox to get it to work properly though.

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That’s not correct – or at least it’s not correct anymore. You can select any number of cards for a Reposition.

Oh okay I tried that a long time ago so it may have changed. I spent a ton of my time selecting half a thousand cards and it all went to waste lol. happy that this was changed.