Publicly show number of downloads for all addons in AnkiWeb

A bit of a random question, but would it be possible to publicly see and sort by number of addon downloads like the Chrome Extension Store? Seems like a useful metric to rank addons.

With the current system, it is easy to create alternate accounts or get friends to give your addon more publicity by just giving it a thumbs up.

In my opinion, the current system also favors larger, more complex but less accessible add-ons since those typically have a more passionate audience that would be willing to review it.

This means the smaller, more simplistic but still useful addons are often obscured.


The problem with this is that its currently set up so that every time you update it counts as a new download so users that are frequently updating are getting another download every update from every user


One of the reasons they were hidden from view is because some badly behaved users were hammering AnkiWeb’s servers trying to drive up their download numbers.