[Enhancement] Show how many Anki clients have downloaded a particular add-on

The add-ons page currently doesn’t show how many Anki clients have downloaded a particular add-on. I think displaying this information would make it easier for users to judge the usefulness of an add-on. So, kindly consider displaying this info on the add-ons page.


I suppose the number of ratings correlates with the number of downloads, it is certainly a good indicator of the popularity of an add-on. You can sort by the number of ratings on the add-on page.

I get your point.

But, the number of ratings is not necessarily related to the number of downloads.

Many times, users download the add-on but don’t rate it. For example, I have never rated any add-on (or any software for that matter) ever in my life.

There is a reason why many app stores (such as the Google Play Store) show both the number of ratings and the number of downloads.

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Download counts used to be public, and it lead to some deck/add-on authors deliberately downloading their own items multiple times to try to boost their apparent popularity.

But, this also applies to other stores that display download counts. If they don’t consider this manipulation to be so significant, why should Anki do?

Who says that they don’t? Maybe those stores don’t care or maybe they’ve never considered that it could be happening.

“Stores” tend to link downloads to individual IDs, which is not an option available to AnkiWeb while anonymous downloads are allowed.

Ratings are more useful than number of downloads. If a product sucks, but five hundred people don’t find that out until after they download it, it’s not more popular than a product with twenty downloads and five favorable ratings.

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