Cant sort add-ons by its ratings, on add-ons web site?

please fix this, clicking on ratings does nothing…

i want to sort addons by their ratings or number of installs / downloads …etc

Seems like add-ons are sorted by rating by default?

The number of downloads is not shown, but I agree that’d be nice feature.

I’m curious about the actual calculation behind the rankings. Looking at the frontpage, I don’t believe up- and downvotes carry equal weight.

For instance, I’ve noticed that an add-on with 100 upvotes can rank much higher than add-ons with 200 to 500 upvotes but a few downvotes as well.
[Image link for reference:]

In my opinion, this system isn’t ideal, especially because there’s a lot of bias in the (heavily unmoderated) add-on review pages. Since people downvote for seemingly arbitrary reasons, it can hurt a good add-on in the long run due to the disproportionate influence of downvotes.

I believe that incorporating factors like download counts, update frequency, or the date when the review was posted into the calculation would result in a more accurate ranking system.

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The algorithm is described on How Not To Sort By Average Rating – Evan Miller

AnkiWeb used to show downloads. Bad actors would download their add-on or deck over and over to try and inflate their ratings.