Prop:ivl faulty?

Hi Damien,

I’ve set an filter like this:
prop:ivl>=365 prop:ivl<1825

I’d expect to get cards with an interval of one year or more and less than five years.

In fact I also get cards which are shown on the Mac card browser with 5.1 years.

Why is that?

How about prop:ivl>=365 AND prop:ivl<1825?

Shouldn’t be the and implied? At least, it should be on the desktop version, since Anki will automatically remove the ands (since they’re implied).

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You’re right. Before answering I checked on AnkiDroid and the two queries produced different results so I assumed it needs the keyword. It seems it looks for the text “and” instead.

Yes, I have the impression the query syntax produces some mistakes, as in this other thread.

It’s an issue in the browser code where it was counting 12 30-day months days as a year. A fix will be in the next release.

Hi Damien,

Anki mobile is still on, isn’t it?

Is there a chance that this issue here will get fixed in the next update and when would it be likely to get released?



This should already be in the latest beta version. If you’d like to try it, please see Beta Testing - AnkiMobile Manual