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Beta - Cards Scheduled past maximum limit

In the AnkiMobile beta 20081.5, I have found a card get scheduled past the maximum interval. I have that interval set to 365, and the answer buttons suggested good was 1.1y and easy 1.4y. I tapped good for a test and then checked out card info to see if it was just a display issue, and indeed, it had been scheduled for the end of November of next year, which is over 365 days from now.

I have undone that review and synced. I will not synch again until tomorrow morning to give you a chance to have a look if you want to. It is card ID 1601215099642 studied from the Greek deck (the parent deck).

Did beta 6 fix it?

Probably so. I have not seen the issue since, even though I have come across a few that were scheduled to the maximum, which does seem to confirm it is fixed.