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Buried cards in AnkiMobile beta 20081.3

There seems to be something going on with burying cards in the current beta for AnikiMobile (build 20081.3). I don’t have all the facts just yet, but I observed this a day or two ago, and now something similar happened today. This is what happened:

  1. In the course of studying on my iPhone, I buried one card.
  2. I reached the end of that deck for the day with a congratulation screen, which correctly noted that I had a buried card.
  3. I synched my iPhone.
  4. Very soon after, I synched my iPad, and I saw that I had 1 card left to study (according to the Decks screen) on the deck I had just finished.
  5. Then I synced the iPhone again, and it said I had 2 cards left for review.
  6. On the iPad (that still said I had 1 card for review on the Decks screen), I tapped on that deck to review, and it queued up two cards for review. One of them I hadn’t yet seen today, and the other was the very card that I had buried.

In case it is relevant, I encountered this on my Greek deck.

Hmm, please keep us updated.

I’m having buried cards appear again, too (up to 20081.4 as of this morning), sometimes as soon as I go out of the deck and come back into it again (without syncing). In addition, I am getting intervals of 138 years on the review buttons of a few cards – I think many of the same ones, which is why I’m posting here. When I look at the history on the desktop version after clicking through one of these, the interval property is 138 years, but the new interval for that review in the revlog appears as 1 second, and the due date is as would be expected for a 1-second interval.

My maximum interval is 100 years, so a value of 138 years shouldn’t even be possible.

I double-checked my scheduling settings and the graduating interval, easy interval, minimum lapse interval, and review factors all look normal.

Notice that yesterday this card got an interval of 36 years (also obviously wrong given that the previous interval was 1 day), then dropped to 1 second when I pressed “good”. I didn’t notice the 36-year interval when it happened, and I certainly didn’t do anything to make it come up for review after 1 day.

Thanks for the report. The interval issue should be fixed in the latest beta, and the burying issue is possibly fixed - please let me know how it goes.

The cards that had bad intervals before the update continued to have problems after the update, but after I went in and picked “forget” in the browser on those, I haven’t so far seen any other cards with the issue, nor have I had the burying issue again. I’ll let you know if anything does crop up.

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