"Processing" when adding images

Hi all

I’ve having this annoying bug that’s come up in the last few days. I have a visual dictionary deck that I’m in the process of adding pictures to, and have used Anki for a number of users and frequently added images by simply copying and pasting from the internet. In the last couple of days, approximately 10% of the time that I’m adding an image, it comes up with a “processing” dialogue box and I then have to go to Task Manager to close down the program. This also tends to lose the last scheduling for the last few cards I was learning/reviewing. I have attempted to simply let Anki run its course to see what happens, but the processing dialogue box does not change, even an hour later. There seems to be no pattern with the images I’m attempting to cut and paste in terms of extension, size, website, etc. I have tried rebooting, database checks, etc. without success.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Can you reproduce the problem in the latest Anki version?

Hi. I’m using Version 2.1.26. Since my post, I exited out of Anki rather than just closing it off and restarted my computer including any updates and for a period it resolved the problem. This has now re-occurred but so far only the once.

If it becomes a problem again, please try with the latest version.