Problems with scheduling since the Update to Anki ⁨2.1.65

ever since i updated my Anki Desktop version to ⁨2.1.65, my time Planning has been all messed up. My old settings were 15m / 1h / 3h / 1d and now the easy button was showing 5days as its interval and the others didn’t show eather what i wanted them to. (The card were new, so i don’t think they were in any learning stage)
Now i tried to find a way to trick the new Update to show me my desired times in the intervals, and it kind of does, but the cards dont ever go up in a learnig stage.
Am i doing anything wrong? Is this a Bug anyone knows?
Help would be very appreciated
Thanks, Julius!

You have the graduating interval set to 4 days, so you’ll get ~4-5 days for that button. If you’re seeing the same delays each time, please make sure you choose good or easy, as hard repeats the current learning step.

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