Problem with uploading Media from Anki Desktop to Anki web

Hey everyone,
I imported new decks from my laptop to anki desktop to upload this to Ankiweb and sync it with my phone.

However, even though the notes are uploaded to the web, the media are not uploading. I have tried.
I always get this message whenever I try: HttpError { code: 400, context: “missing original size”, source: None }

These are some of the solutions i have tried

  • Deleting empty cards
  • Deleting unusued cards and emptying trash
  • Reorganizing the database
  • Windows size reset option
  • Forcing sync in one direction (from my desktop to ankiweb)
  • Shutting down my laptop and putting it back on while pressing the shift key.

I am also certain the email address of my ankiweb and desktop match.

Note: The audios are uploading; only the pictures arent uploading

What could be the problem?

Can you share a picture causing the error?

@dae a server issue, probably?

Here’s a picture

Sorry, I meant a picture used in your card that’s not being uploaded. But that probably won’t be helpful since the source of the error appears to be something in your AnkiWeb account and only @dae can help here.

Please try logging out from the preferences screen, then logging back in again. Does that help? What about increasing the timeout in the preferences screen to 90 seconds?

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