Problem with random order

Hello. I know that most users don’t use/rare use forget option in cards browser but there is a bug which is annoying for me. Although I have set random order in options, when I forget cards for working random order I must change “insertion order” to sequential, save it, and go back to the options and set “insertion order” to random again.

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Added to Forget cards ignores selected deck order · Issue #1469 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Hi there,

I’m not sure if this issue has gained much traction or not, but I have the exact same problem. The Version 3 scheduler simply will not allow me to change insertion order to “random,” no matter what I do. Changing the order to “sequential,” saving, and then changing again to “random” makes no difference: my cards still come out according to the date they were created. Randomizing the order of all cards in the deck also had absolutely no effect.

I was only able to solve the problem by downgrading to the Version 2 scheduler. Once I went back to the old scheduler, the problem went away.

I wasn’t able to find much information about this problem online, aside from a few Reddit posts with no replies and with very few views. I’m just hoping that the developers are aware of this issue, and am concerned that it may have simply been overlooked.

I suggest you also check the order you have set in the Display Order section.

Actually, it may be caused by this: Skipping new cards - #6 by dae