V3 Scheduler random not working

In testing things to make a video, I found I cannot get “random” to work on the new card sort order. I can get pretty much everything else working, but I never get the cards randomized. Just wanted to bring this to your attention @dae in case it hasn’t been mentioned yet

I believe we’ve already fixed this one in the 2.1.50 beta

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I tried it on beta1, didn’t realize beta2 is out. I’ll give it a go

I just tested on beta2 and it is NOT working for me still. tested without add-ons

It seems to work for me - I set the new card order to “random”, and the new cards appeared with random positions. Could you describe the problem in more detail?

The sort will be limited to what cards have been gathered, so if you have more new cards than a given deck’s limit, random order will randomize a group from the top or bottom due#s of a given deck, not the entire outstanding new cards of the deck. You thus still need to combine it with the insertion order option in the new card settings, and may need to reshuffle from time to time.

I recorded a short video. I only did it with 3 cards, but they always appear in the same order when I have it set to random. Perhaps this video will help figure out where I’m going wrong or what the problem actually is: Random deck options.mov - Google Drive

The random order is designed to yield the same results from the same starting point, so that if you undo a few cards, perform an edit, etc, cards will appear in the same order they did before. If instead of undoing you did something like answer the cards or flag them to change their modification time, you should get different results.

Aw that makes sense. I tried flagging and adding tags and got a different order. I would suggest changing this if possible. I was quite confused and believed it wasn’t randomizing and I get questions multiple times a week about this. My go to response at the moment has been to recommend they create a filtered deck to truly randomize things. It feels like it isn’t truly random so I can see why users get confused

That sounds like it’s more about the gathering order mentioned above than the fact that things aren’t re-randomized when you undo. The current behaviour is not particularly intuitive, but it was done for efficiency reasons - randomizing from the full set of new cards can be quite slow when users have hundreds of thousands of them, and unlike filtered decks, it needs to be done each time a non-review action is taken. Offering a fully random option is not out of the question, but it’ll probably need a “(slower)” disclaimer on it.

That makes sense, thanks for the explanation. Given that, I think it probably is worth doing a randomize fully slower sort of option. I just got 2 more questions about it today