Having trouble changing new card insertion order


I am having trouble changing new card insertion order to random. I am using the Coffin organized miles down deck for the MCAT. I have gone to options and selected random however new cards are still appearing in the order the decks are shown in my home screen. I’m not sure if I am expecting more than the setting affords. By that, I mean to ask if rather than all new cards appearing randomly, does the random insertion order setting only assure that the cards within a given subdeck will spear randomly even though all new cards from a “earlier” subdeck will be shown before any new card in a “later” subdeck is shown.

I hope I am making sense. Thank you for your help!

If you want random cards from all the subdecks you should choose New card gather order > Random cards / notes in the deck options.


Ok so it seems like the problem is that I don’t have the settings for “display order” showing up when I go to my deck options. I only see daily limits, new cards, lapses, timer, burying, audio, and Advanced. How can I fix this?

You need to activate v3 scheduler in preferences


Found it, thanks a lot !

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