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Random order of new cards

Hi. I will describe my problem. I created a deck of cards (English, English::words and
I plan to add English::grammar).

In my spare time in the last month in the evenings I added new cards to English::words without studying anything. I currently have 1,600 notes. But I am not able to randomize the order of the cards to be displayed.

I use scheduler (“v3”). When I set the limit to English (40 new, 400 review) and to English::words 30 new, 300 review). And no matter if I click to learn English or English::words. In the group of new words, I see the ones I added a month ago (the notes are thematic and I prefer that they are mixed up and do not concern one thematic group). I have over 100 words in the first group and can only see the randomized words in that group when I first clicked learning with both English and English::words. None of the others.
I would be grateful for help. Below are my settings that I added recently.


and English::words

I’m not sure if I’ve understood your problem, but have you tried the reposition cards command?

Thanks for a help :). I read a content you mentioned and it can help. However the solution is even simpler.

new card gather order option (descending, ascending) get my all 1600 cards. It allowed me to take random 30/40 cards from all 1,600 notes available to my learning session.