All learning cards appear first (not random)

My learning cards (all of them) always show first, and I have to complete all of them before I see ANY New or Review cards. I want my daily cards (New/Learning/Review) to be shuffled with no bias toward any type or overdueness or anything. I tried to set everything to random:

  • New Cards Insertion order: random
  • New card gather order: random
  • new card sort order: order gathered (won’t let me select random?)
  • new/review order: Mix with reviews
  • Interday learning/review order: Mix with reviews
  • Review sort order: random

I also tried “Reposition New Cards” to “Randomize Order”.

Any help on how I can just achieve true randomness in my cards?

My learning cards (all of them) always show first

Sorry, but that’s not changable. Learning cards are the highest priority and will always be shown as close to their due time as possible. If you are starting the day with short-interval cards in Learn that you didn’t have a chance to graduate to Review yesterday – those are overdue and will be shown first.

If you don’t want to have today’s Learn cards come up first tomorrow – make sure to graduate all of your Learn cards to Review today. If you have too many to do that – you should lower your New card limit. You shouldn’t introduce New cards unless you plan to graduate them to Review by the end of the day. [If it’s already too late, and you’ve got many-many cards in Learn (or relearning), you should turn your New cards off until you’ve solved that problem.]

  • new card sort order: order gathered (won’t let me select random?)

You don’t need random again, because this is already a random selection of cards that were queued in a random order.


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