Skipping new cards

Hi there,

For some reason Anki (scheduler 3) is skipping new cards. I am not quite sure how to debug this. See the screenshot.

The sorting field is correct, and it generally follows that sort order, but it skips cards here and there. Any ideas?



The sort field doesn’t necessarily correspond to the order new cards are introduced in; that’s the job of the due column. You can anyway change the positions of new cards to agree with the sort field by first sorting by the sort field, then using the Cards > Reposition option.


Thank you, I will try that, although it looks like the order is correct. My last shown new card was “assets”, #511, so when sorted by due date, I’d expect the lower # cards to be picked first:

Here are my options, maybe I am just not doing it right:

Unfortunately it is still not working. I reordered all the new cards, but today, my first new card was New #26, not #0. See screenshot. (#11-#25 was yesterday, but I wanted to wait another day to be sure.)

EDIT: I also tried changing my settings (see screenshot), but it still skips cards with lower due #.

If it helps, I am happy to debug with the console and Python/Rust.

Thanks for the report. This looks to have been caused by an upgrade to SQLite, and a fix will be in the next update.

Good find, thanks!

Also thanks for all the work on Anki. I’m pretty excited about the Rust backend! It’s a great language.

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