Problem with image for ants

  1. The deck that I’m working on has an appendix with an image… the image is a diagram to help the user understand the pronunciation of French compared to English

  2. In the “edit card” page, the imagesize is good

  3. Visualizing the deck, however… the image is heavily downsized to the point that the letters on the image can not be read… and there is no way to zoom in onto the image (I can swear that this was not the case in Anki 2.0? Images in Anki 2.0 were pasted full size)

my question is: is there a way around this? is there a way to paste a fullsize image into Anki 2.1?

Picture 1: the image for ants

Picture 2: the readable fullsize image that shows in the Edit menu

Solved! I will include a message like: “If you are on mobile and can’t view this image, view the following link: (LINK TO IMAGE ON THE WEB)”

I don’t know how AnkiDroid handles it, but in AnkiMobile if an image has been reduced in size to fit the screen, the user can pinch to zoom in.