Adding textbook images

I study from my textbook pdf and then make anki cards after each chapter. I take screen shots and add them to anki cards then,but after a few pages there are a lot of images and since it’s mostly text,its difficult to distinguish between the screenshots.

Is there a way to zoom/increase default thumbnail size after i click add image on anki ipad?

I tried searching in the settings of both gallery and anki but couldn’t find anything.pinch out works in normal gallery thumbnails buy did not work with the add images screen anki opened and its thumbnail size did not change.

Please guide further

You can use the standard gallery app instead - either by copying images from it and pasting them into Anki, or by splitting the screen so Anki is shown on one side, then dragging images from the gallery into your fields.

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Thanks you soo much!
I tried this and it completely solved the problem for me.
This has made making cards in ipad a lot more convenient and fast for me.
Take care

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