Thumbnails for Mobile?

I exclusively use Anki on an iPad with an Apple pencil, and I handwrite all of my prompts and answers. Currently when I go to browse these decks, the “card” and “card answer” fields are like “image1273284h1u13.png” which makes it difficult to quickly identify the correct card. Is there any way-- even through a plugin-- for mobile users to see thumbnails of images in the “browse” section?

I’m afraid it’s not currently possible. The next update will have a preview mode where you can go forward/back a card, but you’ll only be able to see one card at a time. You might want to consider writing directly in the fields with your pencil instead of using the scribble feature - that way iOS will automatically convert it to text. Or you could write a quick summary of the content in one field, then add a scribble with more detail/diagrams.

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