Anki and the ipad

So, I’ve had the paid version of Anki for many years now, but it rested on my iPad while other business took over. I only have an iPhone and iPad Air 3 and I want to use Anki for language learning. I don’t need another computer, I’m retired🥳

I’m reading that you cannot use an add-on unless you use the desktop version! Is this the Anki app that I downloaded from the App Store? A little man inside my head is saying, ‘NO’

At the moment my interest is in images the first side of the card with the target language and image, the second side the English answer or response.

So, what’s the best way to resize an image for Anki that the image doesn’t overpower and what size image would you recommend. I’ve been experimenting tonight and it occurred to me that the image shouldn’t give to much information away e.g. in my target language dún (close) and for the image I had a boy slamming a door behind him with some force - is that to much visual information, it’s almost like the answer! As this is just a pastime I’m not interested in going into complicated resizing programs

The note type I’m using is Basic-d9c90+ if there is a better one for language learning, let me know, it’s still not to late for me to change. My target language is Irish and many thanks for your help


Add-ons are only available for the computer version of Anki, as iOS apps have a different architecture, and Apple want all code to go through an app review process.

AnkiMobile will resize images to fit the screen width by default. If you want them to be smaller, you can adjust the card template (bottom right gear/cog during study, then scroll down to Card Template: Styling & HTML - Anki Manual).

I’ll refrain from commenting on how you should make cards, as different people have different opinions, but some introductory tips can be found at Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge - SuperMemo

A great article, a great read and great advice

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