For Anki on iPad, how to make images in Edit and Review the same size

I’m a new Anki user and I’m just struggling with image size issues. I’ve made several image-containing cards on my laptop Anki (with image-resize add-on to make the image smaller). But somehow when I review these cards on iPad Anki, the images are automatically resized to fit the entire width of the screen/horizontal axis. This makes some of my images huge and difficult to review. But if I tap the “Edit” button in a card on iPad Anki, the images in there are NOT enlarged, they are the same size as the ones I’ve resized on the laptop.

I’ve seen that some of the pre-made decks were able to make images in Review and Edit the same size. But I have no idea how they were able to do this.

Can someone help me with this??? Greatly appreciate it!

The editor is also resizing images to fit, but they become smaller because the fields are smaller. If you want to make the images smaller during review, you can do so by changing your template. Try changing ‘none’ to 50% for example.