How do adjust picture size in anki cards?

Hi. I have a problem with picture size in anki. Take a look at this screenshoot please

As you can see, the left side of the picture is extremely big, and cause slow loading, while the rest 2 on the right aren’t that big.

When input that card, as well as if I browse that card, the size of that picture is not that big

how do I resize it, so it just like on browse sections?

Your images are of different sizes, so they show like that when you do reviews. You can either resize your images before adding them or try to control the size with CSS styling.

You can try using this in the CSS section of the template:

img {
max-width: 30%;

This should make all images to have a maximum width of 30% the size of the container they’re in. You can try playing with that number. Or you can use max-width: 200px; instead (or whatever number suits you), to set a fixed maximum width.

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Might be interested in

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You can also double-click the image in the editor to show its real size, then resize it as you wish.


thank you! Finally it’s resolved!

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