Problem with an e-mail address when signing up to the AnkiWeb

When I try to create an account on AnkiWeb (Account Register - AnkiWeb) the following information appears:
“Please use a proper email address, so you can recover your password if you forget it” but I use exactly the same e-mail address that I used to create an account on the Anki Forum. I tried to use another e-mail but there was the same problem. What sort of e-mails are not suitable for creating the account? Are there any rules? Do I really need to create a new e-mail address to be able to create the account? Thanks in advance!

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Your email provider was mistaken included on a list of throwaway email providers. I have removed it; please try again now.

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It works. I was able to create the account. Thanks very much!

Sorry to hijack, but I am having the same problem, it just will not accept either of my addresses - can anybody help? Thanks in advance!

Please create a post on the private support site.