I cannot sign into ankiweb

My e-mail address is recognised as a user by Anki Web, but I cannot sign in.
First, I get the message that the password and the e-mail address do not match, and when I try to reset the password, I cannot receive the email with the needed link.
Instead, I receive the following message: “Sorry, that email address appears to have marked one of our emails as spam in the past, so we can no longer send to it”. I never marked anki messages as spam, but it seems to have been done automatically.
What can I do to access Anki, as I did in the past ?

Do you think this might have something to do with your email service provider? In addition to this, contacting them also might be helpful.

Thank you for the suggestion.
It could indeed come from the email service provider, or from some antivirus or antispam software.
I shall try to deactivate them temporarily.
I shall also contact my email service provider.

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I have cleared the block on your address. Please make sure not to mark any of AnkiWeb’s emails as spam, or this could happen again.


Thanks a LOT. I registered noreply@ankiweb.net in my contacts. I hope it will avoid automatic marking of Ankiweb’s emails as spam.

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