Can't reset password

I have tried several times to reset my ANKI Web password and I never get the email to do the reset. Please help.

Your email provider is accepted their emails, so if they are not in the spam folder, the issue appears to lie on their end. If they can’t help you, and you have access to a different email address, one option would be to sign up for a new account instead, then sync your data from one of your devices.

Do you know what address the email for the reset would come from?

noreply at

Thanks, Damien. I put not on the whitemail list and a reset finally came through immediately. Now, after I reset the password it send me an email to confirm and that is not arriving. Is there a different address that that comes from? Thanks for your help.

Same address in both cases

I thought so. It was odd that the password reset came through once I got the address on the white list but the verification only worked once I told it also to let spam come through. Ata any rate I am finally back in. Hallelujah. Thanks for your help.

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