Locked out by password reset screw-up

I smashed my phone, and trying to set anki up on my new one, I forgot my password/username so requested a reset, using my email.
Exactly then, I realized why it wasn’t letting me login: I just forgot the dot in my gmail address (which isn’t necessary for gmail, actually).
So I tried to login with the correct info, but was locked out because anki was waiting for me to do the reset thing through the email it sent.
Problem is, I had deleted that account (which I blithely forgot when I requested the password reset). So now I’m locked out of anki hardcore.
Can some mod pm me and help me back in? My phone held the only hard copy of the deck I’ve been working on for many years, and it’s totally kaput. No data recoverable.
I can give you my username/email/password to prove I’m me. :slight_smile:

The password reset function doesn’t alter your password until the link is clicked on in the email, so assuming someone else doesn’t have access to your email account, your password should be the same as it previously was. I suggest giving it another try, and trying any other passwords you may have used.

Like I said, it won’t let me try. Tells me it’s waiting on the password reset. Which is pretty bloody stupid.

Could you please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing? If it’s asking you to verify your address, that is unrelated to a password reset, and you should still be able to access the account tab to change your email address.

Oh wait, maybe you’re right, hold on, me head is scrambled.

I was able to change my email on PC. Lemme go mess about with phone and see if that helped anything.

Yes, that worked. Sorry, I wasn’t really on the ball - just back from long trip and kaput. :slight_smile: Thank you very much for the help!
You can kill the thread if you want.

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No problem, glad you’re up and running now. :slight_smile: