Problem sorting by Due

Whenever I go into my browser and sort the cards by due date to see which ones I have coming up, I run into a very weird problem where it will display the cards by due date for a few days then loop back and start again with a new batch of cards. I’m still not sure why it is displaying like that. I have included a picture of how it looks, and you can see that it goes from Oct 13 to Oct 14 to Oct 8. If I had a larger image you could see it go 10/8->10/14->10/8->10/14 and then continues counting normally. It only does this loop once that I’ve found. Thanks!

Screenshot (48)|81x500

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The due column behaves differently for different types of cards. New cards show a number rather than a due date, which indicates the order the new cards will be presented in. Cards in (re)learning and reviews will both show a due date, but when sorting they are first grouped by type and then sorted by date.