Card browser: column "due": New cards are not sorted according to position

Anki version: 2.1.44

I do not understand, why the card browser does not sort the cards according of the position numbers the cards have.

The cards are currently in different filtered decks. But in all filtered decks the order rule in options “filter” is “due”.

When I order the cards in the browser according to the colums “fällig” (due), then I would expect, that the new cards are sorted according there position numbers. But this is not true as you can see in the gif-animation:

Between two cards with positions number 17 there are a card with position number 16 and 18.


Would appreciate some answer. Thank you.

If it were done like this, how would they be ordered in relation to cards from regular decks or other filtered decks?
That is to say, there’s no consistent way of ordering cards from filtered decks. That’s why it only says “(filtered)” ("(in Auswahlstapel)") under “Due” in the brower.

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OK. Maybe that they are not ordered according to position number. But as you can see in the Gif-Animation: When I klick on the “due” column, all this new cards from different “filtered decks” ARE ordered in any way (when we klick on the “due” column). But what is the rule for this order? I can not find out the rule.

Well, yes, there’s always an order, but it’s arbitrary.
Why does the telephone book list one John Doe before another John Doe? Maybe one had been registered first and the publisher inserts new entries at the bottom – or maybe not. Point is, we, the reader, don’t know and don’t care, as long as Jane Doe is listed before any of them.

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