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[NOT A BUG] 2.1.37 - Browser not sorting by ascending/descending order

Have a look at the SS below, I tried to annotate it:

As can be seen, certain cards do not follow the sorting criteria set by the user. I picked out a sample for you. I set the due dates by ascending, yet we have some odd ones in the middle. I cannot see a link

I have extracted the notes as an APKG file, how would you like me share them?

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There are more examples, it is not just the “Due” which has an issue. I think the other day I was facing the same problem with a different column (I will report it if I see it again)

This could be relevant:


and that’s why I should not post at night. The link was right front of my eyes, I literally highlighted it! ahahaha

Well, that was a false alarm then. My apologies.

@dae I guess the second issue in that image is the interval for the relearning cards. It’s saying “1 day,” has that always been the case? Wouldn’t it be better if it said “Relearning”?

It says “1 day” no matter what the actual interval of the card.

There’s certainly room for improvement here - currently that column is mainly focused on the review interval.

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Thank you for your efforts sir.