Previously deleted deck, can't download new/updated version, don't want to override other decks on account - Can't logout/login using another account

I am trying to download a new version of a deck I had previously deleted. I am also trying to Log Out and Log In using a different account.

  1. I do not want to restore a backup as that would override other decks.

  2. No cards from previously deleted deck remain.

  3. I want to log out of Anki but when going to Preferences>Network>Log out, I hit log out. Restarting Anki I still am in the same account I wish to log out from. The Log Out or Log In button under Network is no longer visible.

  4. I hope to use the new deck under a new account and just switch accounts to keep the other decks intact. But I can’t even do that right now.

What is the best way for me to get this deck? How do I log in/log out? I cannot find the previous version of the deck that I originally used anywhere (nor do I want to use it).

Logging out disconnects your current profile from AnkiWeb. It does not change any data that is on your local device. If you have a .colpkg backup that contains the deck you want, you can create a new profile with file>switch profile, then import the colpkg into it. You will then be able to export the desired deck as an .apkg, and can then import that .apkg back into your normal profile.

Dear Dae, I have tried exporting desired deck as .apkg from new profile and importing .apkg into normal profile. It is still finding something it is not compatible with and only a few cards are downloaded.

I’ve made a new account. I am trying to sign in and out of new account on new profile only.

This desired deck is small, the other deck I need is very large. Syncing desired deck is fast, syncing other deck is not.

Despite being on a new account and a different profile, to sync I need to upload. I upload the desired deck from new account and new profile. It is checking the cards from the larger deck (the disparity in size is obvious) on the separate profile and separate account to upload.

When I login to my original account and profile, it requires me to sync by uploading or downloading. I must upload because I do not want to lose this deck.

Therefore, a new profile and new account does not seem to be the solution for me either because it seems to be dealing with local data.

What can I do?


(Update after I reread your posts)

To clarify, you have an existing profile + AnkiWeb account, but you want to restore an older deleted deck to it. Where is this older deck coming from? From an AnkiWeb account, from a back up, already existing in a separate profile?

I think you want to create a new profile from your old backup, export the deck, and then import it into your main profile. I don’t think you’d want to sync the temporary profile with AnkiWeb.

It sounds like you may be receiving a message like “Notes skipped because the notetype has changed”? To resolve that, you will need to remove the modified notetypes that are in your collection, so that the original versions can be imported from the other deck. You can go into Tools>Manage Note Types to do so. If the notetypes are used by any of the existing cards in your collection, you’ll need to use the Change Notetype feature in the browse screen to assign them to a new notetype first, so they don’t get deleted when you remove the notetype.

More info: Some updates were ignored because note type has changed - Frequently Asked Questions

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You are a life saver!!! that’s exactly what it was. I found part of the deleted deck got nested under a different deck which is why I couldn’t find it. So I deleted remaining cards, now the whole new deck downloaded. Thank you so much!!!

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