Previewing new cards

Is there any way to preview new cards that are due the current day? I’m using a deck of which the words I do not necessarily know beforehand, and basically always have to press “Again” on new cards. This messes up my statistics for learning cards, and it would be nice to know my “true” stats so I can adjust my steps if need be. Of course looking at young cards is where I should focus, but it doesn’t tell me for example if a lot of cards get stuck in the learning phase. I guess I can’t see the success rate of an individual step, either?

On desktop you can use browse screen to click through the cards (although this unfortunately goes through suspended cards as well) but it is a bit cumbersome. I also thought about creating a filtered deck, but on returning, the cards went into the end of the new card queue. It’s a bit too cumbersome to always reposition them. Basically I’d just like to click through new cards quickly.

I thought about adding an extra step of 1 minute to my learning steps, but then I basically get a free “Good” instead in the stats… (and besides don’t want to mess with steps while in the middle of a deck).

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Excellent points; they deserve much more attention.
Preview in Browser; and
“Good” step retention – solution:

The whole concept of learning cards was introduced to allow you to fail cards without consequence during the initial acquisition process. The learning statistics are separated from reviews, and failing a card during learning will not alter its ease. But if you must preview them first, you could search for “is:new -is:suspended” in the browse screen.

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