Press "Again" in Browser

Hi there!

Sometimes when I add a vocabulary card or search it in the browser, I see that I’ve already learned it. If I had seen it during the review, I would have pressed “Again” which would decrease the ease and recalculate the interval. It would be useful to have an “Again” button in the card’s context menu in the browser. “Forget” doesn’t work well. If the card’s ease is equal to 200%, the “Forget” button make it 250% and a card, of course, is not a “new” de facto.

Maybe you could try something like this: go to the browser → right click on the card → select “Set Due Date” → set it to 0! → click on ok
Adding ! will reset the review interval, but the card will keep its old ease factor

You could also not add the !, then when you meet the card during your reviews click on “again”, which should be really similar to clicking “again” in the browser