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The issue I’m having randomly began this morning. For reference, I’ve been using the FSRS scheduler for about 2 months and everything has been great. My “again” interval is set to 20 mins in my settings. Today for some reason, about the “again” button, instead of it saying “20 min” as usual, it says “<20 min”. In addition, when I press again on a card, instead of pushing back another 20 mins (as it was in the past), it immediately goes into the learning category. So instead of disappearing for the next 20 mins when I press again, the card is back in my review list right away. This occurred to all of my decks too. I hope what I am describing makes sense. This seems very strange and it has never happened to me before. I would appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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What you’re describing sounds like you are noticing changes in the switch from the v2 to v3 scheduler – but I think that’s impossible, because you can only use FSRS with the v3 scheduler. Regardless –

  • Learning steps are subject to a small amount of fuzz factor (similar to what is applied to review cards) – Studying - Anki Manual.
  • Your Learn-Ahead limit controls how soon cards can re-appear in advance of when they are actually due – Preferences - Anki Manual.

Those seem to be the things that are combining to amount to the behavior you are seeing.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I get what you’re saying but this just seems strange since I haven’t changed anything. I don’t think the fuzz factor has to do with it since in all my decks for all of my reviews, the again button says “<20 min” and I see it immediately after pressing again. Regarding the learn ahead limit, I never changed it so I’m not sure what would have happened just now. Either way, I can’t seem to find a way to check what my current learn ahead limit is set to…where could I see that?
I’m just kind of nervous since my anki has basically all of my school stuff on it and I don’t want something to get messed up. Thank you for the advice!!

The page I posted about the Learn-Ahead limit tells you where to find it.

Yes, because fuzz is included on the button in the v3 scheduler.

That will be dictated by exactly what other cards are available to be reviewed at that precise moment, and what your Display Order options are set to – Deck Options - Anki Manual. If it’s got the shortest clock among things that are within the Learn-Ahead limit, then you’ll see it right away.

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The Learn ahead limit does this.


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