Potential New Feature in Card Browser? - Search for reviews done on a specific date

To give some context, I am currently working on an extended heatmap where one can see what cards they reviewed ‘Again’ or ‘Hard’ or ‘Good’ on a certain day. I have managed to nail the SQLite command, but the problem I am running into is searching for the specific cards rated on each day with the card browser when a user clicks on a certain day in the heatmap. (similar to review heatmap)

Right now, I am using the (rated:21:2) - (rated:20:2) command that can search for cards rated ‘hard’ 21 days ago and not 20 days ago, but unfortunately if I were to rate a card I rated ‘hard’ 21 days ago ‘hard’ another time 5 days ago, this command would no longer display that card, despite the fact that I also rated it “hard” 21 days ago.

TLDR: Is there a way we could search for reviews on a specific day in the card browser? If not, would it be a viable idea to add a way to search for reviews on a specific date?