Display card ratings in the verse side

If you select any card in the browser and press Ctrl + Shift + I it will open a window similar to this one below.


My suggestion is to create an addon that get the information from these two columns inside the red boxes and transpose it to something like in the picture below:

It takes the data from the ratings column and turn it into these colored boxes (each color correspond to a rating: 1 = Again (#D32F2F); 2 = Hard (#455A64); 3 = Good (#4CAF50); 4 = Easy (#03A9F4); while the data from the “Date” column is showed inside a title (these boxes that appear when we hover the mouse over each square).

I did a quick research and found that this data is stored in a file called collection.anki2 and can be extracted using language R (one exemple of addon that use this data is @glutanimate’s Extended Card Stats During Review. The other one I know is Extended Heatmap). That’s all I know :sweat_smile:.

I think that an addon like this could be very helpful to identify more quickly which cards need immediate attention. So, for exemple, if I find a card that was rated 1 and/or 2 too many times I can promptly flag it to be analysed as soon as possible.

So, if you know how to do it please consider taking some time to build it. I’d be very grateful!

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This is a really great idea! I will definitely try to look into trying to build your addon and get back to you. You are right that lots of code can be recycled from extended Heatmap so hopefully I will have a little experience. :sunglasses:

Will keep you posted.



In the meantime, you might find useful this addon:


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Thank you!

Yeah, this is an useful addon indeed. In fact, I came up with the idea I described above when using this and (more precisely) “Extended Cards During Review”. You guys do a very good job!


Ok so I have a working version of your idea. It can be downloaded at:


Do you have any thoughts as to where we should put the card rating legend? Right now I just left it at the bottom. Also, do you think we should show this data after the user has clicked show card? I think the intervals might give too much context as to what the answer might be.


Hi, I’ve been following the discussion because I’m interested in this type of add on. If you allow me to comment, I would like to be able to see the information when hovering over the rating.

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For sure. I already coded it but forgot to upload it with the addon. I am updating it right now. :grinning:

I got an update but nothing changed. Should i reinstall the add ons?

Sorry just updated it. Try installing it again.

It worked, that’s great. will you add more information later on?

For sure. The design is still a little wonky so please feel free to give any feedback. (be brutally honest).

I think turning the date-time to a 12 hour timezone will be a must and aligning the tooltip properly.

Also if anyone is interested in contributing to the code, here is the addon GitHub repo and final download link for the newer version:

DOWNLOAD: CardHistoryAtAGlance - visualize card review history in the reviewer - AnkiWeb
GITHUB: GitHub - jerryzhou196/seepreviousratings: Anki Addon to see previous ratings


I feel bad for giving suggestions, mainly because I don’t know how to program anything and therefore I can’t contribute. I will start learning Python next year if everything goes as I plan, then things will change.

But, since you asked for feedback.

In addition to adding more information.
I think it would be nice if when you hover over the ratings it shows some text indicating what that rating means. For example, right now one of my cards shows a yellow rating, but I don’t know exactly what that means. A little tip when I hover over each rating would be nice.

Another thing, in case you haven’t noticed, the ratings don’t appear in the browser preview.

Despite that, I’m already using it :grin: Awesome Addon.

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Totally valid points. I think your labelling of the colors is a brilliantly obvious idea I didn’t think of and I will definitely implement it. (also I forgot to mention but you can config the colors in the addon config) I will also look into the browser preview as that would be pretty useful too!

Thanks! Good luck, I wish you the best.

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I’ve just tried it. It works beautifully in 2.1.44, a simple, but very useful addon, thanks!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in 2.1.45b, any plans to update it?

Will definitely look into updating it ASAP!

Unrelated but I will also try to make the design look better - the addon looks like a Christmas decoration right now :crying_cat_face: .

Also forgot to mention: there was a bug where I forgot to give a colour for cards which you manually clicked “forget”. I will update it tomorrow morning.

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This add-on is really useful for me thanks for your effort. I have a suggestion. Is it possible to position the boxes at the top of the page or leave the position to the user’s preference(via config)?

That is a really good idea with the positioning- will look into updating it with that. Also @cqg for some reason, the addon worked on my mac install of 2.1.45b. If possible could you provide the error message? :sweat_smile:

Just implemented Casartelli’s idea of the labelling in colours. You can click “check for updates” in the Anki addon tab to get the newest version of the Addon. Also, I don’t know if the “card rating history” label I added is really necessary so you can disable it in the config if you want.

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Thanks for implementing my idea :slightly_smiling_face:, I liked the new design too.

Just a quick feedback:

When you have a quite old card or have been struggling with certain card, this can happen:

That card has been haunting me for while :rage:.

I didn’t check if the latest version changed it, so i’m reporting.