Program way of getting card review history

I have found way to get some reviewing table information, but it much different from table in card info window

using python possible to get some of this information, but not date. It is also no way to check type by number. Python code for database browsing:
mw.col.db.execute(“select * from revlog where cid = %d” % someid)

columns, that it shows:

[0, ‘id’, ‘integer’, 0, None, 1]
[1, ‘cid’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[2, ‘usn’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[3, ‘ease’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[4, ‘ivl’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[5, ‘lastIvl’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[6, ‘factor’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[7, ‘time’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]
[8, ‘type’, ‘integer’, 1, None, 0]

Any information for program way of getting review info is usefull

I once made an add-on named deck and card info sidebar during review that builds a custom version of the review table seen in the card info window. In my add-on I have a file named that is a modification of the old python code that anki used to build the card info window.

I haven’t tested my add-on in anki version .45+ but at least I haven’t heard about problems with these versions so hopefully m code still works and maybe there’s something interesting for you in there. My code is not that readable - I’m not a programmer …